Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Design Work from last year

Above are some pages from a design project which I did last year; the brief was to design a unique wedding dress suitable for a winter wedding.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Design Work

For my Design Development and Portfolio module we were given brands to research and then design a capsule collection for A/W 10/11...I was given the brand Comme des Garcons and here are a couple of pages from my design sketchbook.

Lady GaGa: Fashionista or Fashion Faux Pas?

So Lady GaGa appeared on X-factor last weekend (yes I am hooked on it) and it once again made me question her sense of style, or lack-of it rather... climbing out of a bath wearing some huge gothic styled outfit with wings and horns just made me want to scream at the television set "What were you thinking?!?!" The annoying thing is though, that even though her outfit choices are horrific, she gets away with it, she can carry off her odd 'looks' in a way that no other person could! Her outfits are so un-fashionable that they almost become fashionable...they are so absurd but they hit the headlines and make the front pages of the fashion magazines every time! I guess you've got to give it to her..she is unique and it works...I mean honestly who else can go out dressed in bubble wrap or bondage and get away with it?!